Nikolay Jeliazkovís personal portfolio

I like taking pictures of peoples' faces, way of life, emotions, moods, I want to show how and where they live, their good or bad days, to imprint the tiny, little things of life reflected in their eyes.

It is fascinating to see yourself in the eyes of someone, to see his pain and his hope, to steal a moment of his life and stamp it forever.

I feel happy when I manage to capture such a moment and show it...

The most important thing for a good portrait, whatever it is, is the contact. I've noticed, out of my experience, that the portrait comes out much more emotional if I've been close to the object. With the teleobjective, you are just a witness, stating, stealing the moment, and not in charge - the point is, you are not IN the frame, you lose the connection, your suggestion and vision over the scene are, the closer you are, and the larger the objective, the more effective portraits you make.

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24 Hours in Ichtiman Reportage of the flood in Ihtiman, Bulgaria. 5-8 August 2005.
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